Internship at BSG

10 reasons why you should choose BSG internship

  1. Build Your Career: Add BSG experience to your resume
  2. Learn project knowledge from experienced professionals
  3. Flexible: We meet on-site and remote video conferencing
  4. Guided learning, self-learning and 1-on-1 discussion
  5. From what you have learnt in school to what you want to learn and need to learn for job
  6. Opportunity to discuss/plan your career development
  7. Opportunity to participate and contribute to real commercial projects.
  8. Full-time job opportunity at BSG and/or companies in BSG network
  9. Networking opportunities
  10. Unlike some training companies charge you a big fee, internship at BSG is always FREE!

No matter how much experience you have or how much value you can bring to us, you are always treated and valued as a potential business partner at BSG.

Current Openings

Business Development and Marketing Analyst

  • Research Business Development Strategy
  • Lay out marketing execution plan
  • Assist executing marketing plan

iOS Developer

  • Develop iOS application
  • Build reusable application frameworks and libraries

Web Front-end Developer

  • Develop web application front-end using popular JavaScript framework (Angular, React)
  • Build reusable application frameworks and libraries

Digital Content Editor

  • Design digital marketing materials
  • Create/edit marketing/promotion/training videos

Dev/Ops Engineer

  • Experience AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Build reusable Dev/Ops automation infrastructure-as-code scripts

Other - Open Position

  • We are open to ideas - anything we haven't thought of doing, and you can help us to think differently.

How to apply

Note: Due to company resource constraints, please understand not all internship applications will be accepted.

Step 1. Let's Know You

Submit your resume. It would be great to provide anything to help us know more about you, such as LinkedIn profile, GitHub, personal blog, etc.

Step 2. Let's Know Each Other

Arrange a one-on-one conversation on phone, in person, or over video conference with our principals. We will know more about each other, for us to understand your career aspiration, passion, and goals.

Step 3. Let's Work Together

As a team, we start working on specific business tasks, activities, and project(s).

We will meet on regular basis, one-on-one discussion, and team meetings. We will provide training, guidance, and feedback along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the BSG Office location?

We are located at 209 W Central St, Natick, MA 01760

(Close to MBTA West Natick Training Station, I-90 and Natick Mall)

Do I have to go to office every day?

No. We are a consulting company, i.e. most of time, our consultants are working on client's site. We will mostly use video conference and instance messaging for team collaboration and communication.

How much time is expected to participate in BSG internship activities?

10 ~ 40 hours per week. 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

If you cannot commit a minimum of 10 hours per week, please don't apply.

If you cannot commit a minimum of 3 months, please don't apply.

I am still in school. Am I qualified?

BSG Internship only accepts students in either of the following stage:

  • who has graduated (no longer than 9 months from graduation)
  • who will be graduating (in less than 6 months)

Is the BSG intern position paid or unpaid?

It depends on both sides:

  • On BSG side, it depends on what activities/projects you will be working on. For commercial projects, we will pay the intern for the contribution he/she makes while they are gaining experience.
  • On intern side, it depends on your experience and ability of delivering value for BSG projects. For inexperienced intern, learning and gaining experience may be the main concern, and we will be focusing on providing a pure training experience for the intern.

Do I need to pay a fee in order to participate in BSG Internship?

No. BSG NEVER charges a fee for internship.

Do I need to pay a fee in order to attend BSG Training Programs?

BSG Academy is the professional training department. We offer free and paid training program.

It is up to you to decide whether or not you should attend training programs offered by BSG.

For our interns, we do offer discounted price for paid training programs on case by case basis.

Do I have to attend BSG Training Program in order to participate in BSG Internship program?


Does BSG provide a formal OPT Offer Letter? My school needs it.


Can BSG provide a recommendation letter for supporting graduate school program application?


Can I use BSG principal as my reference for applying for a job?


Will BSG provide background check support for my experience at BSG?

Yes. Your internship will have formal HR record at BSG. We will support background check and experience verification when requested. Please always notify us when it is needed so that those background check calls/requests are not ignored by mistake or accident.

Does BSG support E-Verify with USCIS?

Yes. BSG is an E-verify employer registered with USCIS. By law, we are mandated to complete E-verify procedure when new employee joins the company within 3 business days.

Does BSG provide sponsorship for STEM OPT Extension (i.e. I-983 filing)?

OPT extension requires a full-time job offer. OPT extension (I-983) is only provided for qualified interns who are hired as full-time W2 employee at BSG.

Does BSG support H1B petition?

H1B petition requires a full-time job offer. H1B sponsorship is only provided for qualified interns who are hired as full-time W2 employee at BSG.

During my internship at BSG, what if I am receiving a job offer from another company?


You are free to terminate the internship at BSG and move on. Please make sure tasks at BSG are transitioned appropriately to other team members or leaders.

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